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Program Description

We offer program activities throughout the year. We empower African girls with the information necessary to make decisions for a positive, healthy, and successful life.

Program Activities


Health & Life Skills

Sexuality Education

Career Enrichment

Character & Leadership Development



We create a platform for girls on how to exchange ideas, knowledge, and resources through the girls club program.

Awesome girls club is an interactive gathering where girls age 8 -16years can grow to learn, have fun and develop confidence. We make a difference by giving back to our community i.e giving and reaching out to girls in need, cleaning of environment We also, raise funds to support poor girls in schools through our customized sales of a variety of pastry, key holders, T-shirts mugs, etc.



African girls have their lives marked by limited opportunities for growth.  In response to these needs for girls and young women, our mentoring program makes them develop a better vision for their future beyond the limits of horizons holding them back.  They will be able to ask questions and seek advice from trusted mentors

For instance, one stage of our mentoring program teaches girls marketable skills of financial literacy and exposes them to being entrepreneurs early in life.



The conference is a great way for girls to explore leadership skills and develop a sense of belonging.

We believe that through our conference, girls will be exposed to workshops that will foster critical thinking and develop a mental shift in the way they view themselves. They will be exposed to educational events and forums that are designed to engage and educate them on topics pertinent to their lives and the choices they make.

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