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The project's goal is to educate, empower and encourage young African girls by raising awareness about how to protect themselves from sexual harassment at home and at school.

While it is difficult to bring up the subject of sexual assault, raising awareness is the first and most critical step in addressing sexual harassment among young girls.

It is important to teach young girls about personal safety and appropriate boundaries so that they can defend themselves.

Sexual abuse happens when an older or more knowledgeable teen, adolescent, or adult uses a younger person for sexual gratification. Abuse always starts slowly and progresses over time.It may take the form of sexual contact, fondling, penetration, or exposing children to adult sexual activity, such as pornographic films and photographs.


Young girls have the right to choose who touches them, with the understanding that their parents and guardians will protect them from inappropriate touching. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in Africa due to indifference and a conservative mentality. Young girls are subjected to a lot of sexual abuse and misconduct.


Sexual Assault: The Hard Facts

  • In Africa, 1.8 million teenagers have been sexually assaulted.

  • Before the age of 18, one in every four girls is sexually assaulted.

  • Rape attempted rape, and sexual harassment are three times more common among 16-19-year-olds than in the general population.

  • A stranger victimized 10% 10.1 percent of girls.

  • An acquaintance victimized 43 percent of girls (43.6 percent).

  • A family member was responsible for 27.7% of the girls' violence.

  • A family member's current or former intimate partner was responsible for 28.8% of raped girls.

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