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In reaction to Africa's shortage of career guidance for young girls in high school. Due to a lack of career guidance in schools, a large number of students have been unable to select the appropriate course to pursue at institutions of higher learning.

Early in life, girls should begin learning skills that will help them excel in the future. 

Many adolescents, on the other hand, lack access to information about university admissions and role models who can inspire them to envision what they can achieve, from academic success to extraordinary careers.

Proper career guidance would assist many of these adolescents with early applications at universities and/or further education and training colleges

Our curriculum is tailored to senior high school students. The decisions that young female high school graduates make in school have long-term consequences for their careers. 

Secondary education's main goal is to train students for the workforce. 

Career education gives them the expertise, experience, and support they need to succeed in their chosen profession. When girls have a good idea of what they want to do, they show higher levels of commitment and motivation. Career preparation sharpens their attention so that they can make well-informed career decisions.

The workshop establishes a connection between the girls and their future profession... 

It defines the skills required for success and what employers are looking for, raises awareness of the value of work-life balance, and promotes emotional intelligence growth. 

It's important to plan your career steps if you want to be successful in the marketplace. 

The workshop provides an overview of the various fields in which young girls can make good career choices.

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